Quality over everything

Honey & Chrome was born with a single mission; to create the highest quality, most nutrient-rich hair care products for the professional stylist community.

Here’s a little secret…

Over 80% of the global hair care market is dominated by just 5 companies!

For decades, these companies have kept prices artificially high while optimizing for profit margin instead of quality.



Global Hair Care Market

Brands you may have thought of as independent, high-end brands are simply subsidiaries of corporate giants.

Less middlemen = Superior products

Typical Supply Chain


Distributor Markups

Retailer Markups

Marketing Costs


Honey & Chrome

Honey & Chrome



How we do it

You get out what you put in

By eliminating traditional marketing costs we are able to go all-in on high concentrations of superior ingredients and deliver world-class formulas directly through professional stylists.

Our proprietary science

Prodew 500

Prodew® 500 is a state-of-the-art cocktail of 11 vital amino acids modeled after the constituent amino acids in the cell membrane complex.

Prodew 500 is scientifically proven to improve hair health, shine, feel, and color retention.

The Loquat Leaf

Loquat is a traditional Asian plant clinically proven to significantly increase hair thickness, blood circulation and extend the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle. This results in thicker, stronger, healthier hair with less breakage and long lasting color and shine.

Are you ready for beautiful, healthier hair?